No more 'bland' -

let's find you!

First step in connecting with and engaging your target client/customer and collaborators is letting them get to know you! Find you, be you and let them see you. This is joyful!

Trisha - You have a lovely balance between your humorous and serious side. You really focus on what your client wants to work on and softly challenge. I appreciated how you came on my journey with me. I think a sign of effective coaching is that things change. I like the way you encourage risk taking to achieve  outcomes – you move on. 

Dr Lise Lewis - Coach, Author, Speaker



You are not just talking to yourself and going around in circles and down spirals


You spot the themes, connections, flow and sweet spot of impact


You have a space space to experiment and practice - with your personal 'director'

Why work with me?

Trisha Lewis

Imagine working with a coach who combines professional acting and speaker skills, academic underpinning in the psychology of communication and the approach of a detective!

Imagine working with a coach with over 6 decades of life lessons - including setting up a business!

Specific rewards?

Nailing a networking introduction piece that feels good and intrigues.

Posting content that is recognisably YOU - feels good and intrigues.

Finding your 'thing' - and exploring how you will release it! Feels good?

Short & sweet or luxuriously slower?

Unsquasher Hour

60-minute intensive

£ 85.00

Unsquasher Bespoke

6 x 1-hour sessions - 4 months

£ 275.00 per month

When I worked with Janine Coombes

When I worked with Dr Lise Lewis