Communication challenges

From communicating assertively to engaging your audience with a unique perspective –

A quick check list – the kind of challenges my clients come to me with – and we find solutions to!

  • My content feels contrived or bland
  • I don’t know how to tell my story
  • I’m not being me – but fear being ‘rejected’
  • I’m confused about my purpose and perspective
  • I’m an introvert feeling the pressure to more ‘shouty’
  • I don’t want to follow ‘tips and trends’ but I do want to stand out more!
  • Going through a change situation and my confidence has dipped
  • I can’t get over my fear of public speaking
  • My presentations are full of ‘ums’ and ‘ers’ and I lose my audience!
  • I fear any live communication in case I stumble, freeze or forget what to say
  • The way I’m outwardly communicating feels misaligned with who I am
  • I am worried about expressing my opinion – but don’t want to be a ‘people pleaser’
  • I feel like I am blending in and nobody can grab onto what is different about me
  • Want to be more assertive – but don’t want to come across as bossy or showy.
  • I am worried that I might not express myself clearly – could be cultural nuances.