Communicating with feeling

Communicating with feeling sets up a virtuous circle of connection. Why and How? 

If you communicate with feeling your create a circle of connection. You feel it, they feel it, you feel it.

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Have you really considered the benefits to you when you communicate with feeling? Are you aware of the impact on your listener when you communicate with feeling? Finally - how the heck do you communicate with feeling?

Why communicating with feeling matters

Benefits to you

  • You don't stumble over what you are saying
  • You feel more relaxed
    • Because your body and mind are in sync not fighting their corner!
  • You feel like an individual

Impact on your listener

  • They trust you
    • Nothing seems out of line or awkward
  • They feel connected
    • You are in the circle of connection - it is contagious
  • They find you interesting
    • You are being you not a clone
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How communicating with feeling is achieved

  • Be as real as possible
    • Clearly you need to regulate your behaviours to a degree - depending on the situation.  However, whatever you do chose to say, say it in your words and in your way.
  • Have an opinion
    • Don't be a 'yes' person! Be polite, open-minded and up for considering their perspective. However - it is fine to have a different opinion - you don't need to state it in a confrontational way. 
  • Listen
    • When you listen you are present. When you are present you will be responding with genuine feeling rather than some pre-planned or default response.
  • Think the feeling
    • Have you ever tried smiling when you don't feel like it? Try it now. See - you feel better already.  The more you align your body with your mind the better you feel. And that shows. 

Book recommendation

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