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Fancy trying a new kind of networking?

Friendly bragging and random brainstorming. For small business owners. Location - your couch

Come as You Are Event

First event July 14th!

Then the 2nd Tuesday of each month - 8-9pm

So -what's it all about

If you want to hide behind rehearsed elevator pitches - this might not be for you.

If you would rather stick to what you know rather than open up with curiosity to fresh perspectives and random ideas... er - might not be for you.

Who is this for?

Introverts to Extroverts and creatives to techies (not an either or) - if you are curious to know what people are doing and ... here is the twist...

... you want to tell people what you do - talking like a real human - with no 'rules'!

There is one rule - you still get a 60-second time slot to say what you do (in newly decorated breakout rooms!) - BUT - 

... you don't have to start with 'why' or 'use story' etc etc... you can tell people what you are good at! 

I know - how odd!

Then you can ask each other more about what you do - with no 'defensiveness' or 'jargon'.

The second half of the event will get your brains whizzing!

We have a storytelling brainstorm ... finding stories and metaphors to make what you do come to life.

Fun, thought-provoking and very connecting. You will meet new people and leave with light-bulbs pinging!

Every 2nd Tuesday of the month

 at 8 pm (UK time) - Max 20 spaces

About Me

 - the 'friendly brag' version

I am a good actor and entertainer thanks to loads of experience on all sizes of stage! I have honed my listening skills by doing reminiscence work with people with dementia - proud of this. I got a degree when I was 40 - so I am a constant learner. I have put it all together, gone through the rigors of setting up a coaching business - through which I have helped many clients find themselves and share their message - feeling good!

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