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I can help

Feel good about your networking impact

You need to tell people about the really helpful thing you do - so you network. But then you don't know what to say, lose your whole identity or get drowned out by the 'confident types' - and networking becomes a nightmare - so... you give up! No! Now nobody knows what you do! 

Let's get you sorted!

I know the 'networking nightmare' feeling - and it is not good!

You don't look forward to the event, and you come away feeling like you somehow betrayed your soul! You don't feel like going again and worst of all you are missing opportunities!

What I would really like to do is work with you one to one - of course! However - I would also like to share my ART of engagement framework with you in this free worksheet - so I am!

This will bring a whole lot of clarity to preparing your pitch (which won't sound like an over-scripted, same old, over-slick, salesy, inauthentic.... pitch!)

It will engage! You will feel like you owned it - because it came from your voice and values - and getting inside their heads. 

Be prepared to make the impact you want at your next networking event 

You know that moment when someone asks you 'what do you do',

or you are faced with doing your 60 second 'elevator pitch'... and you mumble and miss the moment...

The ART (Alert Resonate Tempt) approach will get you sorted!

Download your free guide - now!

If you would like to have a chat about one to one coaching options that would go deeper - and work specifically with you and your business - then let's have a virtual cuppa.  Or drop me an email hello@trishalewis.com