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6 Mark Masters – Feedback – be brave and ask for it

Mark Masters on using feedback. Talking to Trisha Lewis on her Make it Real Podcast


Mark Masters  - the You Are The Media man - knows that If you want to grow you need to be brave and ask for feedback.

To get quality feedback you need to reach out to a community that you have built trust with – so here are tips from a community building expert and very real, open kind of a guy!

He describes lessons learnt from his recent experience of asking for feedback. How to go about it, why it matters and what he learnt.

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About the Author

Highly intuitive coach and natural communicator. Pulling on background as a professional actor, speaker and facilitator - plus the academic underpinning in all things communication. My mission is to show every individual wanting to succeed in business - employed or self-employed - that they can do this as themselves - they can have impact without selling their soul - from a conversation to a presentation.